Ambassador Program

Rev Up with High Cascades: Become an Ambassador!

Dirt is our canvas, and adrenaline is our paint. At High Cascades, we're seeking passionate dirt bike riders, side-by-side racers, off-roaders, overlanders, jet skiers, and ATV enthusiasts to join our ambassador team. As a High Cascades Ambassador, you'll sport our gear, share your adventures, and help shape the soul of our brand. If you live for the thrill and want to be at the forefront of dirt sports culture, it’s time to get on board. Apply now and be part of the action!

Ambassador Agreement
 Appointment and Duration
The Ambassador is appointed as a brand ambassador for High Cascades beginning on day one of their contract, with the agreement ending one year from the contract date. The Ambassador agrees to fulfill the duties outlined in this Agreement during the specified term.
The Ambassador's responsibilities include:
  • Distributing provided materials to relevant individuals.
  • Networking to promote High Cascades' products and directing potential customers to our E-Commerce site and events.
  • Wearing High Cascades apparel regularly, providing content for the Company's social media platforms, including power sport photos/videos.
Distribution of High Cascades Branded Products
Upon acceptance, the Ambassador will receive High Cascades branded products throughout their contract term. These products are to be distributed as the Ambassador sees fit, on the condition that they are not sold or used for personal profit. Each package will include a personal coupon code for potential customers to receive a 20% discount on purchases.
As a Brand Ambassador, the Ambassador is entitled to the following perks:
  • A 40% discount on all inventory items
  • Social Media Recognition to help you build your athlete notability 
  • The opportunity to be a part of a quickly growing company 
  • See gear designed by you, the power sport community
  • Be a part of the booth team at events
Seasonal Program Enrollment
The Ambassador acknowledges that there are two seasonal programs:
  • Fall/Winter Season
    •  Enrollment: August
    • Program: September - April.
  • Spring/Summer Season
    •  Enrollment: March
    •  Program: April - October.
The Ambassador agrees to:
  • Post seven riding posts and seven product posts on all social media platforms per season
  • Tag all posts with #HighCascades and #Free2Ride or #F2R
  • Like/Share all product and event related posts on Meta posts (FB, IG) 
  • Like/Share all Youtube, TikTok and Rumble videos if utilizing these platforms
  • Display High Cascades sticker/decal/wrap logo on your applicable power sport machines
  • Invite friends and followers to like and follow High Cascades on all social media platforms
  • Act in a professional manner at all times while representing HC
  • Not speak in an official capacity for HC
Event Attendance and Gear Requirement
The Ambassador must:
  • Wear High Cascades gear at all related events attended by the ambassador 
  • Assist at the High Cascades booth during events whenever possible.
Warning and Dismissal Policy
The Ambassador will receive two warnings for missed opportunities. The third infraction will result in dismissal from the program and the Ambassador will be required to reimburse the value of the last ambassador package received.
Renewal Requirement
Each Ambassador must reapply for each season, with the end of a season marking the conclusion of their current contract.